Amarjeet Sohi

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Edmonton Mill Woods

Amarjeet Sohi

Your member of parliament for

Edmonton Mill Woods



Prime Minister Trudeau welcomes newly arrived Syrian refugees.

Canada has been effective in many cases to bring in refugees, settle them here, and now they are an integral part of the community, giving back and making the country a better place for all of us. Seventy-five per cent of the refugees from Syria are either children or moms with children and it’s a heartbreaking situation. We should pull all the necessary resources that we have to intervene.— Amarjeet Sohi at a local rally in support of refugees at the Alberta Legislature.

Canada Offers Leadership on Syrian Refugee Crisis

On February 27, the Government of Canada met its commitment to welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Canadians across the country have welcomed Syrian refugees and their response to the worst refugee crisis of our time continues to be heartwarming to see.

The Government of Canada is currently working with other orders of government, non-governmental organizations, partners, and Canadians across the country to ensure that all refugees are successfully integrated into their new host communities.

Resettling refugees is a proud and important part of Canada’s humanitarian tradition. It reflects our inclusive values and demonstrates to the world that we have a shared responsibility to help people who are displaced and persecuted.


Amarjeet Sohi welcomes Syrian refugee, Amin Youssef.

The Syrian Link Initiative

The Government of Canada has launched Syrian Family Links ( to help connect Syrian refugees abroad with private Canadian sponsors.

The initiative is a partnership between Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS).

Through this initiative, Syrians in Canada can identify family members who are refugees in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey and help link them with local sponsorship groups in Canada who are looking for someone to sponsor.

Through its Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) (, CCS will put sponsors in contact with Syrian refugees. Family members in Canada and potential sponsors will then be responsible for discussing general terms of sponsorship.

Once sponsorship terms are agreed upon, the sponsor will submit an application under the IRCC’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees program. Refugees will be subject to the same screening criteria as all privately sponsored refugees (PSRs).

Both groups can register for the Family Links initiative through the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP).