Amarjeet Sohi

Your member of parliament for

Edmonton Mill Woods

Amarjeet Sohi

Your member of parliament for

Edmonton Mill Woods


Five Days of investing in You

Our government is investing in Alberta’s future by building infrastructure and funding innovation that will benefit the incredible people that call our community home.

Last week, in Alberta alone, our government announced more than $2.1 billion to support public transit, community spaces, sustainable oil and gas development, flood mitigation, affordable housing and more. Let’s take a look back at some of what we announced and what it will mean for you and your family.


An LRT from Mill Woods to Lewis Estates

When I first ran for Edmonton City Council fifteen years ago, the issue of an LRT line to Mill Woods was already long discussed and long awaited. Today, thanks to the partnership of all orders of government, that line is being built and soon this long awaited service for the residents of Mill Woods will be a reality. On March 11th that partnership took another step forward. Our government will be investing more than $948 million on phase two of this project, which will expand the Mill Woods line all the way past West Edmonton Mall to Lewis Estates. We also announced $127 million in funding to expand the Metro line into the new Blatchford area.

Modern public transit is vital to building strong communities and improving people’s quality of life. It connects us, protects the environment, grows our economy, and helps people get to and from work after a long day.


Investments in Greener Oil and Gas

Canada’s oil and gas sector – and more importantly Canada’s oil and gas workers – are an essential part of our clean energy future. It’s not just that we have an abundance of the resources the world wants, we also have the expertise to produce them competitively and sustainably. No one knew how to get oil out of the oilsands until Canadian ingenuity figured out a way.

We are now using that same ingenuity to make our oil & gas production more sustainable than ever. Just this week, I announced a $72 million investment for clean technology projects with partners at CNRL and Titanium Inc. In total this funding will leverage more than $415 million in investments in our economy to reduce pollution, drive further innovation and create good, well-paying jobs for Canadians.


Protection for our Communities

We continue to see the dire impacts of climate change on our environment. Serious weather events, including flooding, are becoming more and more frequent. Unfortunately, Albertans are all too familiar with the tragic damage these events can have on our homes and communities.

This week, Infrastructure Minister François-Philippe Champagne made three important announcements that will help safeguard our families, homes and communities against extreme flooding. He announced a flood mitigation project in Edmonton and two flood mitigation projects in Southern Alberta. All told, our government announced more than $233 million to mitigate flooding across the province.


Ensuring Every Albertan Has a Place to Call Home

Investments in affordable housing changes lives. On March 15 we announced a Canada-Alberta agreement on affordable housing. Together we are committing $678 million to help ensure every Albertan has a place to call home. Along with previous investments, this funding will preserve at least 23,700 housing units across Alberta & build many more.

The progressive agreement between Canada and Alberta commits to higher standards of housing quality, including improved accessibility and energy efficiency.

Moving forward, our government, in partnership with Alberta and the other provinces and territories, will work to increase new affordable housing by 15% and repair 20% of existing community housing across the country.


A final note

Edmontonians and all Albertans have worked hard over the past decade to build a world-class community that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home. This week’s $2.1 billion in total investments are contributing to that mission. Our government will continue to support you and your family and, together, we will continue to build a brighter and stronger future for all Canadians.